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Pure Barre, in Madison Station

A boutique studio, built on community.

Lift Tone Burn

Lift, Tone, and Burn your way to a better you with Pure Barre. The studio offers an innovative approach to fitness and health, right in the heart of Madison. Located on Main St. in historic Madison Station, Pure Barre provides group workouts with expert trainers and a high-energy atmosphere.


Pure Barre takes a holistic approach to fitness that gets your heart pounding with the studio’s sound system. Pure Barre’s workout sessions incorporate elements of Barre exercise, Pilates, and even Yoga. Utilizing High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), Pure Barre provides a full-body workout. While HIIT has been proven to maximize fat loss by building muscle and burning fat, many gyms utilize high-impact movements as part of their HIIT training that can be damaging to joints and are not suitable for everyone. The Pure Barre method uses smaller isometric movements that target and isolate muscles to fatigue, and are suitable to all levels of fitness.

With workouts that change daily, the Pure Barre program challenges your body to adapt to a higher level of fitness with each session. Pure Barre is designed to improve each mode of fitness by improving your aerobic capacity, toning, and strengthening your muscles, all while improving your flexibility and mitigating injury.

In Studio

The Madison studio has classes seven days a week at various times. Classes can be booked online or through the Pure Barre app. The app also allows you to track your workouts, and monitor your performance by syncing your heart rate with your smartwatch. In addition, you can view the Madison location’s workouts from home, or stream separate workouts through the Pure Barre GO app subscription.

Pure Barre also offers quality workout apparel, self-care products, and fitness equipment.

Pure Barre Madison’s goal is to build community while building people. The vibrant atmosphere and challenging workouts, build a sense of comradery and accomplishment for patrons of the studio. Madison’s health-conscious community and burgeoning downtown made an ideal location for Pure Barre.

 Let Pure Barre meet you where you are based on your fitness level, and in historic Madison Station.

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