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Five great reasons to eat local, buy local, and utilize local services:

  • # 5 │ Keep Madison Unique

    Help Madison stand out from the crowd. Today’s shopping corridors are so generic they are indistinguishable from similar shopping in other cities and states. Madison’s unique service, shopping and dining experiences appeal to both residents and visitors. Place-making opportunities are often brought to us by local business owners who infuse their personality, talent and home-grown knowledge to provide a one-of-a-kind experience for the customer – and keep us coming back!
  • # 4 │ Nurture Your Community

    Where we shop, eat, and socialize is what makes a city, a home. Get to know your neighbors by supporting local businesses and restaurants. Madison’s sense of community makes it special, and we can help grow and support local businesses while we enjoying the great people who live and visit here. Madison’s identity continues to provide more opportunities and spaces for shared experiences and community engagement that nurture affection for shops here in Madison.
  • # 3 │ Enrich Your Life & Madison, Too

    Cut driving time during your busy workdays or weekends by shopping for goods and services right here in Madison. Discovering and supporting diverse business offerings within walking or biking distance from home conserves land, limits sprawl, reduces traffic and air pollution, all while simplifying and enriching your life!
  • # 2 │ Encourage Local Entrepreneurship

    Boost your nearby shopping, dining, and service choices by supporting local businesses. In turn, we contribute to a positive business climate that helps local entrepreneurs to succeed and grow. And since entrepreneurship fuels America’s economic innovation and prosperity, when businesses succeed and grow in our community we reap benefits on many levels including more employment opportunities and expanded choices for dining and services.
  • # 1 │ Keep Your Dollars Serving You

    By discovering all that Madison offers and spending your money with a Madison business, part of your sales tax directly supports your city services. Fire and police, parks and recreation, new and repaved streets, and Madison City Schools are all supported in large part by sales tax dollars. So shopping in Madison is an investment in your community and a commitment to protecting and improving what belongs to you and places you enjoy at home.